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Eashan Praveen - KiTek group

Blogger, Leadership, Entrepreneur & Marketer

Eashan Praveen

Web Designer, Instructor, Blogger

Eashan  Praveen From KitekGroup. WordPress Developer, Affiliate Marketer,  and blogger. 8 years experience in website development, Blogging and Affiliate marketing and Amazon Seller.   Happy to share personal information with you guys.

Trained Over 10,000+ Entrepreneurs. as An #Affiliate #Coach #Mentor #DigitalMarketing #Entreprenuer #SEO #Blogger

Specialist Area:

  • WordPress Developer.
  • Blogger.
  • Best Amazon.com Seller.
  • SEO –  Digital Marketing Expert.
  • Ecommerce Marketer
  • ✔ Affiliate Marketing Trainer
  • ✔ Social Media Coaching
    ✔ Social Media Marketing
    ✔ Facebook Advertising PPC Expert
    ✔ Blogging
    ✔ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    ✔ Blog Monetization
    ✔ Creating Online Sales Funnels
    ✔ LinkedIn Expert Marketing
    ✔ Twitter Expert Marketing
    ✔ Facebook Expert Marketing
    ✔ Pinterest Expert Marketing
    ✔ Pay Per Click Advertising
    ✔ Copy Writing
    ✔ Auto-Responders


  • Bachelor’s Degree: Electronics and Communication Engineering (Hyderabad, India)
  • Master’s Degree: Infomation Technology (Virginia, USA)
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