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By kitekgroup In SEO On June 16, 2018

As usual, In this presentation KiTek group reviewing about Articoolo Review – Original Articles Writer.  Creating content for marketing activity is a big challenge. Content creation is little bit struggle for sellers, bloggers, journalists, site owners, and students who are working as freelancers. Have you ever faced problems while writing articles for affiliate marketing or SEO strategies, Internet, and blogs? Many of them will say “Yes”!

But, Don’t Worry!

Articoolo is here to save you from the trouble of creating quality content. It creates a unique and high quality of content without any copyright issues, no grammar mistakes.

It starts the process from scratch and simulates into specialized content which an experienced content writer will not be a part of it.  Then what is exactly Articoolo?

Let’s discuss it.

What is Articoolo?

articoolo review 2018Articoolo is a content creator. First, a user will analyze and understand the context of a topic. Then he will find resources and extract some relevant keywords and he will use some main keywords and reconstruct it into readable text format.

In simple, we can say it creates a textual content by fast creation process. It creates unique, and quality based content.


How to use Articoolo?

  1. Enter a single key-phrase.
  2. Select an Optional Topic.
  3. A select number of words (default it shows 500 max).
  4. Change default setting of Readability to Uniqueness.
  5. Click on “Create” button.
  6. Then your article is ready.

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How does content generate in Articoolo?

Determination of Content: Decide what to information should mention in the document.

Document Structure: Organizing of conveyed information.

Accumulation: Combining same sentences to improve readability.

Words Choice: Assign appropriate words to concepts.


Articoolo Pricing

Articoolo cost depends on your purchase of a fixed number of article credits based on monthly subscription. The length of the articles may be 300-400 words or maximum 500 words.

Articoolo Pricing

Benefits of Articoolo

  • Articoolo you can have textual content ready in minutes.
  • Content is created by Articoolo is precise and articulate and it is quick and logic.
  • There is no plagiarism problem and spelling mistakes.

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  • The solution will be provided with unique content without any duplication.
  • A great starting point for article creation need.
  • 100% Satisfaction.


It may reduce the skillset of content writers, and it has the lot of instructions you may get for results and it takes time for expected results.


Articoolo is highly recommended for small business, content writers, freelancers, and sellers for the creation of quality content for articles, marketing blogs. It indicates 100% unique in content and you can be verified through Copyscape. It is the magic tool for creating a quality content within minutes.

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