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Knownhost Web Hosting

Have you ever heard about KnownHost web Hosting?

I don’t think all of them have heard about this KnownHost. Anyways, myself I know Bluehost, 1and1, and HostGator. Similarly, KnownHost is same has the remaining hosting services.

What is KnownHost web Hosting?

KnownHost is a web hosting company and providing hosting services for the long period of time. It is a reliable company and managed to keep up the quality constantly be improving.

KnownHost focus on specific areas like speed, cost, reliable, and how to use it, customer support inquiries. KnownHost offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS), WordPress Hosting with dedicated servers at an affordable price. It offers a hosting solution and hardware based on Dual Hex-Core Xeons using RAID 10 storage arrays backup with uptime SLA with 100% guarantee in quality.


KnownHost  Pricing

KnownHost offers dedicated and WordPress optimized hosting plans and analysis of managed VPS plans, which are the core product of KnownHost.

knownhost Pricing

 Our prices are very reasonable compared to high-tier managed VPS hosting. Price varies based on the quality of servers and focused on features like speed, support, and reliability.


SSD Virtual Private Servers

SSD VPS is very reasonable compared to high-tier managed VPS hosting. Price varies based on the quality of servers and focused on features like speed, support, and reliability.

knownhost VPS Pricing 

KnowHost SSD VPS (Solid State Drive Virtual Private Servers) packages have all advantages of VPS hosting compare to other hosting packages like DDOS protection at no additional charge.


ManagedVirtual Private Servers

KnownHost’s Managed Virtual Private Servers are fully managed with 24/7 support with 99% SLA, free backups and migrations and complementary DDOS protection.  VPS are brilliant use for websites that are using Drupal, Magneto, Joomla, and WordPress. All VPS packages are included with DDOS protection at no additional charge.


Speed and Performance of KnowHost

SSD (Solid State Drivers) is the best option to choose for your website and it can get onto your visitor’s browsers more quickly. Here speed test can show an installation of WordPress with Autoptimize which is one of the plugins in WordPress. WordPress with the theme is going to load slowly. So, KnownHost can speed up your WordPress sites and themes for maximum performance.


Knownhost Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress hosting packages are available in KnownHost. It can help your site to run without any technical issues of shared hosting accounts. Ease of Setup for WordPress hosting servers are tailored exactly for WordPress and allows the site to operate with intense speed.

With Ease of use, you can manage to host control panel, and you can make a lot of changes to your server. You can reach excellent staff support also.

Knownhost web Hosting Coupon

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Customer Support

KnownHost having the best advantage, it is customer support. It is one of the best features of KnownHost is quick support will respond to you and they will resolve the issue of any kind.

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KnownHost Features

  • SSD-powered VPS hosting packages
  • Free full image backups and DDoS protection;
  • Fully managed 24/7 support
  • Option to choose datacenter (Texas, California and New Jersey)
  • Resource upgrades (extra RAM, storage, bandwidth, and IP addresses) and Software upgrades (site builder, billing software)
  • Free migration service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 9% uptime SLA
  • Equal share CPU
  • Seamless VPS to VPS upgrades
  • 2 dedicated IP addresses

KnownHost Conclusion

For fully managed VPS, KnownHost is the best choice to choose. It is private hosting provider and offers the world-class data centers with premium hardware technologies and 24/7 customer support. KnownHost is designed to meet the needs of websites not for the option of shared hosting.

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