Long Tail Pro Review | How to use Long Tail Pro [2020]

By kitekgroup In SEO On December 16, 2017

What is a Long Tail Keyword

You had your website business based on your niche. Whatever it may be! You want to target audience by focusing on “how to make money online from home”.  You can use the free keyword tool and do quick search and root with that keyword. Approximately you will find 1-2 million users.

Long tail Pro Keywords

Using long tail keywords is better than short tail keywords because long tail keywords are less competition compare to short tail keywords and it will give a chance to rank on top in SERPs.

Ranking on Google was simple by selecting a keyword which you wanted to rank well. This may increase the repetition of the text and I hope so, you will be on top of the SERPs. As a content creator, you need to find keywords which are in demand and try to write up a comprehensible text (it is optional).

Google has made some typical changes in the search algorithm. The days where you want to repeat your keyword in one page are gone, fellows. Now, you need to be more careful while writing content and keyword research.

Just remember one thing!

“Content is always King”

If you provide a high quality of content and good keyword research. Then you will be succeeded in your business. Content marketers need to understand that getting an information you will need to make research on content creation process and keywords. Creating a content based on selected keywords will be challenging. So, better to choose a right keyword research tools which will reduce the pressure on you.

Long Tail Pro Review

Before going into actual topic first I wanted to say about one thing.

About Long Tail Pro Review – I Recommend selecting Long Tail Pro  Tool for SEO to rank your blog post. It is a keyword research tool created by “Spencer Haws” and launched in the year 2012. Long Tail Pro is growing popularity and now it is the best keyword research tool on market.  Long Tail Pro is user-friendly product focus on long tail keywords like four or more words. These long tail keywords are ideal to target because they are less competitive and easy to rank.

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How to use Long Tail Pro Tool 

It is awesome to listen that Long Tail Pro is simple and easy to understand for beginners who had basic knowledge of keyword research.

Data for each keyword metric and rank checker

This tool provides the lot of data that you can find ideal keywords for your business. Just you need to know whether the keywords are right to use for your business or not. Rank checker is easy to understand, just type URL, you can find ranking on Google, and Yahoo.


Filter Options

You will find good filter options such as:

  • Number of Words Count
  • Average Local Search
  • Check Domain Name Visibility


Competitor Analysis

Keyword competition is most important feature while targeting a long tail keyword phrases.

  • Page Authority
  • Number of backlinks to the page
  • Age of the site
  • Google page ranking


  • 10 days free trial
  • Easy to learn
  • User friendly
  • Time Saver


Long tail pro Price


Long tail Pro Discount – 45% Offf Code 

 Long Tail Pro price



Long Tail Pro is a good and user-friendly product that delivers outstanding results. Better check the pricing options and I may suggest changing them.

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