8 Effective Marketing Strategies of Pinterest That Will Boost Your Business

By kitekgroup In Digital Marketing On June 29, 2018

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to share, and discover new interests by posting. It is said to be pinning.  and what are the 8 Effective Marketing Strategies of Pinterest That Will Boost Your Business. Users can upload images or videos and they can be shared. It is social discovery platform that brings audiences from all over world. Contacts can be increased through Pinterest either personal or professional such as business providers. Now let us see the effective marketing strategies of Pinterest.

Effective Marketing Strategies of Pinterest That Will Boost Your Brand or Business.

Marketing Strategies of Pinterest

  1. Integrate Facebook with Instagram

       To add Facebook account to Pinterest:

  • Click on the bolt button on your profile
  • Click on the “Social Networks” option
  • Check “Log in with Facebook” and select yes to connect
  • Allow Pinterest to access your accounts
  • Click on “Save settings” button to finish


  1. Pinterest Widgets
  • Follow Button: Click on “Build it”.When you enter the profile URL in widget builder.
  • Profile Widget: Customizing the size and click on “Build it”.
  • Pin Widget: After copying the URL of respective pin, click on “Build it”.


  1. Choose Board Themes
  • Article Pins: Relevant information including the headline, author, and description.
  • Movies Pins: Includes reviews, ratings, cast and crew, latest updates on movies.
  • Place Pins: You can add maps, locations, contact numbers and addresses.
  • Products Pins: Products availability, current price, to buy.

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  1. Reach To Users with New Update
  • Customer: Target existing customers with mobile or email id.
  • Visitors: Target visitors who visit your websites frequently or occasionally.
  • Look-alike: Target users of similar patterns of existing audiences.

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  1. Pinterest Profile Analytics
  • Review audience behavior and the amount of traffic received with the addition of the “Save” button.
  • Receive professional perceptions and improve impressions, clicks, and saves.


  1. Improve ROI with CPM Buying
  • Buy Ads with Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM), where the cost is sustained and it based on brands and engagements.


         How Pinterest does it work?

  • Pinterest enhances the reach of ads and it is based on CPM bidding.
  • The user can be viewed ad campaign based on options specified.
  • Better impressions will leads to better ROI.

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  1. Video Ads for Revenue Generation

           Video Ads in marketing campaigns focus on driving sales. Pinterest is accredited as a social discovery tool in                 social networking platform. Example 45-50 seconds of quality video with quality content can drive sales and     bring the audience the in contact.


  1. Video Ads for Revenue Generation

Quality images can attracts user’s attention. Some of the tools ensure image in quality.

  • PicMonkey
  • Space Image Resizer

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