SocialPilot Review – Social Media Marketing & Scheduling Tool [2020]

By kitekgroup In Digital Marketing On December 28, 2017

SocialPilot Review

In this Article we discussing SocialPilot Review: SocialPilot is a social media marketing, and analytics platform developed for social media professionals. It helps users to enhance the efficiency of their online marketing strategies. It helps businesses to manage their social media profiles of several brands and increase their traffic. Thus, it saves time and money for the users. In SocialPilot users can share as many as posts and link them to hundreds of social media profiles by using a single account. It creates free space to create and share messages with their targeted audience, and features that include social media analytics, client management, and bulk scheduling.


SocialPilot Overview

Custom Facebook Branding is something else to share using automation tools or any scheduling tools. Using Social Pilot, the user can have their own brand and it doesn’t look like an automated one. Customization can be done through the system work in accordance with your business.

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 Team Collaboration in SocialPilot it works with and for the team.  Users can invite their team members to work collaboration, they can share files, communicate with each other, and there can share their business ideas. It is free of cost and user can include as many as members.

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Browser Extension of SocialPilot offers browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome which users can share an article on the internet. Browser extension can also share posts from Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline.

Social Pilot ‘s Social Media Analytics is easy to understand and improvise your social media marketing efficiency. You can analyze the content which was posted from anywhere on your page through social media analytics.

Client Management feature is easy to manage client’s social accounts hassle-free. There is no option for waiting for account credentials or to make an admin to manage their pages.



  • Social Media Scheduling Calendar
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Teams and Collaboration
  • Content Suggestion
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Facebook Branding
  • Client Management



  • Bulk Scheduling features are outstanding and huge time saver
  • There are no network issues on social sites
  • It is easy to add users and their accounts without having their credentials by sending email
  • Video features are available



There are no cons, just need to improve bit more of listening or engagement feature


SocialPilot Prices:



The SocialPilot has specific business needs, it is practical for them to abstain from searching for perfect software applications.  I better suggest Social Pilot and it is a smart choice for your business. Best of Social Pilot is benefits.


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